Method Overview

Operationalize and Socialize
User Research

Use your insights from User Research in innovation development processes​.

Planning Method
Suggested Time

Ongoing, cyclic exercise​

Level of UX Expertise



Processed research data/ research report & presentation​


User researcher and ideally all product stakeholders​

Must have
This method can be applied to all types of innovations


Once defined, it is crucial to make your User Research insights count in the strategic decision making of your innovation development process. That means you need to make them actionable for the different stakeholders (operationalize) and known to decision makers (socialize). ​

    How much time

    It is an ongoing exercise after every User Research cycle. Count with a few days to write your report and 1-2 presentations with different stakeholders. Afterwards, plan for time in subsequent strategy meetings to revert to your results to guide crucial decisions regarding your innovation development.​


      Successful products start with understanding user experience and then take design and technology decisions. Nevertheless, User Research is often done by single team members or is even outsourced to external researchers which can make it challenging to align priorities with the product development team. That is why you need tools and processes that are designed to integrate results.​


        Everyone who has input into design decisions should ideally participate in User Research – at least in the role of an observer! This will increase buy-in for your research, especially from the leadership. Ideally, one person is assigned the role to bring in results of the User Research study whenever necessary and define what they mean for your current decision.​


          User Research and its integration in design decisions should be an ongoing process starting as early as possible in the ideation phase when major decisions are made and continue with the roll out and scaling of products or services.​

            Why it’s useful

            Your user research results will guide the innovation development to create useful products for your target group​

            Potential challenges

            Once your user research is done, the work begins!​


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            Get step-by-step guidance, expert tips and best practice examples for operationalizing and socializing your User Research insights.

            Image by Salome Keller

            Mariette McCampbell - Independent Ux Researcher

            “Once you know why you want to conduct user research, on which users you want to focus, how you will go about the research, and who will collect and interpret the data, you can start with the logistical planning. Make sure that you include time and budget for iterations to be able to act on your learnings.”
            Image by Aline Weinsheimer
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